Here are 2 fun games to play with your little ones.

We play these games in Drama Tots sessions to help us explore feelings and emotions.

1. Can You Guess how I Feel?

One person leaves the room they then re-enter displaying an emotion, but they mustn’t talk.

Everyone else guesses how that person feels today just by looking at their expression.

For example – sad, happy, surprised, angry, shy, silly, sleepy.

The children are amazed to see that just by changing their body language and facial expression they can display many different emotions.


2. Mirror Fun

Let your child have a look in a mirror. Talk about all the different features of their face.

“When I look in a mirror, I see my face,
And all of its parts are in their place.
I see 2 little ears and 1 little nose,
I see 2 little eyes and one little mouth.
When I look in the mirror, what do I see?
A wonderful and very special ME!” (Give your child a hug!)

 Now ask your child to show you different emotions whilst looking in the mirror. (Happy, sad, angry, surprised, silly, sleepy...)

 We have had wonderful fun playing these games and I hope you do too.