Drama Tots wins!

Drama Tots wins!

Drama Tots wins at the Whats On 4 Kids Awards

Drama Tots wins at the Whats On 4 Kids Awards

On Friday 11th October Drama Tots was announced as the UK’s Most Loved Performing Arts Activity at the national What’s On 4 Kids Awards.

Wow! What an honour and a privilege.

Drama Tots wins prestigious award

Drama Tots wins prestigious award

The day began with many of our incredible franchisees heading to London from all over the UK. It was wonderful to catch up with our Drama Tots family who we are always in regular contact with each other but there is nothing quite like a face to face get together.

Drama Tots on tour

Drama Tots on tour

The day began with a business huddle where we heard from inspiring speakers, discussed best business practice and celebrated the joy that our activities bring to the lives of children and families.

Silly Selfies!

Silly Selfies!

After some delicious cakes and time for a catch up and some silly selfies, we took our seats for the awards ceremony. This was the 13th National Whats On 4 Kids Awards and over 80,000 votes had been received for all of the finalists.

The passion and energy in the room was electric. We cheered for the finalists and winners in all of the categories and we were treated to wonderful entertainment from The Girls From Oz.

The Girls From Oz

The Girls From Oz

Then it was our turn. Drama Tots was up for the MOST LOVED MUSIC, DANCE OR PERFORMING ARTS ACTIVITY (with up to 9 leaders) sponsored by Mum And Working.

Drum roll please………….. We Won!

Drama Tots wins and we are all smiles!

Drama Tots wins and we are all smiles!

We are over the moon! 

Thank you to the families who come to our classes every week and to the nurseries and schools who believe so passionately in the value of our sessions in their Early Years settings.

And mostly, I would like to thank our incredible franchisees and teachers for the love, passion and dedication that they bring to their classes and for the support, encouragement and empowerment that they give to each other. 

Cheers to these amazing ladies and to all of our franchisees and teachers who put their heart and soul into inspiring children through the arts.

Cheers to these amazing ladies and to all of our franchisees and teachers who put their heart and soul into inspiring children through the arts.

At Drama Tots, we work incredibly hard to inspire young children through drama and the arts through our weekly classes, nursery sessions and parties. To be recognised nationally for the passion that our franchisees and teachers share is incredible. We couldn’t be happier!

It's our birthday!


Drama Tots is 3!

We launched our first Drama Tots class 3 years ago. What an incredible journey it’s been.

We never imagined how far our classes would spread and we are so happy that so many children now have access to our award-winning classes.

Rewind to 19th September 2016.
I was full of nerves, excitement and hope that local families would love the lessons that I had spent months lovingly preparing. 
Thankfully they did.
Some of those children who joined us during that first week now have younger siblings who attend classes today! 

Fast forward 3 years.
I could never have dreamed of how Drama Tots would have grown:

We now have 7 franchisees along 3 teachers who bring such skill, talent and passion to our team. 
We have produced 4 CD’s and written over 100 original songs to enhance the imaginative play in our classes. 
We have won 7 national awards. 
We helped to break a world record. 
We continue to keep up to date with the Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines and are constantly creating new lesson plans to engage and excite little imaginations. 
We have launched new holiday and weekend sessions for families to enjoy together. 
We have an amazing newly updated website full of videos to tell you all about our classes. 

When Drama Tots began, I had a dream for every child to learn through Drama and Imaginative Play and to build confidence, self esteem and creativity. 

I am so proud that through our expansion we are able to spread the Drama Tots love to so many families across the UK.

Thank you to all of the families and early years settings that have been part of our journey so far. We couldn’t do it without you.

We are currently looking for new franchisees to build their own Drama Tots business in their area with our full training, package and support. We want to spread our award-winning program to more children and families all across the UK. 

I am so proud of our amazing team.

Drama Tots Coventry
Drama Tots Basingstoke
Drama Tots Nuneaton, Balsall Common and Surrounding Areas
Drama Tots Solihull
Drama Tots Hinckley and South West Leicester
Drama Tots Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, and Warwick.
Drama Tots Durham North West, Consett and Surrounding Areas

Drama Tots founder named as Leader Of The Year

Drama Tots founder and creator Leanne Jones was delighted to be announced as Leader Of The Year at the national Club Hub Awards 2019.

On 11th May, Leanne along with Rebecca from Drama Tots Solihull and Sam from Drama Tots Kenilworth, Leamington and Warwick headed to London for the Club Hub event.

There was a chance to network with hundreds of other children’s activity providers. We love to share idea and best practice with others.

The morning passed in a flash as we heard from 2 expert speakers who shared their knowledge on digital marketing and business growth.

After lunch it was time for the awards ceremony.

The competition was high with 6 fantastic finalists in the Leader Of The Year category.

Anne-Marie from Under 1 Roof sponsored the award and announced the winner:


Leanne was absolutely thrilled to win this incredible award and proud to have been recognised by the judges.


Leanne says “It was a such a proud moment to find that one of my amazing franchisees had nominated me for this award. As a leader I want to be inspirational, to support my franchisees and empower them build a successful business and achieve their dreams. I created Drama Tots to build a business which I was passionate about and which fitted around my family life, to be able to offer the same opportunity to my franchisees is the best thing ever. “

If you would like to live your dream and run your own children’s drama business in your area with the support of the Drama Tots family, please get in touch with Leanne today.

Imaginative Story-Telling.

Imaginative Story-Telling.

Children love stories.

How wonderful to be able to enter the world of make-believe through the pages in a book. However, there are many other creative and exciting ways to tell a story. I hope these ideas with ignite your imaginations and make story time even more fun in your family.


Act It Out.

Take your child's favourite book and 'become' the story. Pretend to be the characters in the story, use silly voices, dress up and have fun! The entire family will love to join in or you can always use teddy bears or dolls instead if you are short on actors! Children love bubbles, so use them at every opportunity! They are great for pretending to be in a snowstorm during 'A Bear Hunt'!








Story Bags.

Fill a bag with toys and everyday objects. Take it in turns to pick an object out of the bag and create a story using the items as your inspiration. The story will never be the same twice and the results can be very funny! Story bags are great for taking out and about to keep little ones entertained. Older children will enjoy telling the stories whilst younger children may need help in creating a story with the objects they chose.




Nursery Rhymes.

All nursery rhymes and songs tell a story. Many have actions to help act them out but we can get even more creative with them! Go outside and find a drainpipe for Incy Wincy to climb up, find a hill to be the Grand Old Duke of York and march your men up and down the hill or sing Twinkle Twinkle under the night sky and see if you can find the most twinkly stars! Ignite those little imaginations and bring the rhymes to life!






Story-telling hunt.

'The Hungry Caterpillar' works great as a story-telling hunt. Use play food, real food or cut out pictures of everything the caterpillar eats and hide them in the house or the garden. As you tell the story, hunt for the food along the way. To finish the story, put on some music and pretend to be a beautiful butterfly.

This also works brilliantly with 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt'. Create obstacles to be the long wavy grass, deep cold river and dark gloomy tunnel. They will love it even more if you actually end up in bed hiding from the bear at the end of the story!



Get Crafty

Make some props that can be used in your story telling. Use play dough to make the characters in the Gruffalo, use lego or duplo to build the brick house for the 3 little pigs and get messy with porridge to explore the story of Goldilocks!

Have fun!

Let our children shine through the arts.

Let our children shine through the arts.

This recent article in The Stage newspaper saddens me.


At school, I had some friends who were great at maths, some loved learning languages, some were sporty, some were musical and some, like me lived for our twice weekly drama classes. But, regardless of our passions, we were all exposed to both creative and academic subjects.

At some point in the school week we all had 'our moment' where we feel that spark and excitement about our favourite subject.

The national curriculum states that drama no longer has to be taught as an independent subject in secondary schools. How sad. Regardless of a child's path in life, drama has huge benefits, it builds confidence, self esteem, creativity, imagination, empathy and team work. What a shame that this could all be lost.


Look at the joy in the faces of the Drama Tots children. I hope they always hold onto their spark and passions.


All About Me Games

All About Me Games

Here are 2 fun games to play with your little ones.

We play these games in Drama Tots sessions to help us explore feelings and emotions.

1. Can You Guess how I Feel?

One person leaves the room they then re-enter displaying an emotion, but they mustn’t talk.

Everyone else guesses how that person feels today just by looking at their expression.

For example – sad, happy, surprised, angry, shy, silly, sleepy.

The children are amazed to see that just by changing their body language and facial expression they can display many different emotions.


2. Mirror Fun

Let your child have a look in a mirror. Talk about all the different features of their face.

“When I look in a mirror, I see my face,
And all of its parts are in their place.
I see 2 little ears and 1 little nose,
I see 2 little eyes and one little mouth.
When I look in the mirror, what do I see?
A wonderful and very special ME!” (Give your child a hug!)

 Now ask your child to show you different emotions whilst looking in the mirror. (Happy, sad, angry, surprised, silly, sleepy...)

 We have had wonderful fun playing these games and I hope you do too.

A new chapter

A new chapter

I spent last week labelling every item of school uniform to within an inch of its life and kissing goodbye to my youngest son at the school gates (I did cry!)

5,4,3,2,1 ...... BLAST OFF!

5,4,3,2,1 ...... BLAST OFF!

We have launched!

Welcome to the sparkly, new Drama Tots website. I am so excited that after months of hard work and creative fun, the Drama Tots website has landed! I hope you enjoy taking a look around and getting a feel for what Drama Tots is all about. We have worked hard to make the site enjoyable and clear for you to navigate, easy to book the classes with our online booking form and simple to pay using Paypal.

Drama Tots has been taking classes into children’s nurseries for some time now and it has always been a dream to bring our classes into the community for parents and children to enjoy together. A special time of the week where you are whisked away from everyday life to come on an exciting Drama Tots adventure.

If you are joining us for the autumn term classes beginning on September 19th, you are in for a real treat. Our themes this term will include:

  • A trip to the circus

  • All about me

  • Dinosaurs

  • Wonderful wizards

I won’t spoil any more surprises by giving anything else away!

Each week we use role play, music and movement to explore each of our exciting themes. Throughout the autumn term classes we will also be using colourful scarves, parachutes, hula hoops, our Drama Tots microphone, puppets, sponges and of course we couldn’t go on any of these adventures without the Drama Tots suitcase and the magic key.