So, here we are at the start of a new school year.

I spent last week labelling every item of school uniform to within an inch of its life and kissing goodbye to my youngest son at the school gates (I did cry!). Those preschool years have flown by in a mixture of loveliness and exhaustion. I now have to stop myself from telling every new mother to ‘enjoy every minute’ and ‘it goes so fast’!

As we said good bye, the teacher handed me an envelope, if I wasn’t emotional before, this certainly finished me off! A tissue, a tea bag and a sweet to get me though the following 2 hours before pick up time!

Here are some great tips if you are a parent of a school aged child.

23 things your child’s reception teacher wishes you’d do (and not do).

Happily, through Drama Tots I still get to share those fun moments with preschool children, just not my own anymore!

As I write this we do still have a few spaces remaining so don’t delay, enjoy the site and book today.